White And Blue Interior Inspiration

White and Blue Rooms part 3

Villas on Crete. Greece


When I think about white and blue interiors, automatically my mind goes to Greek  style villas, Greek style interior design, Greek interiors etc.
So for me it´s natural to show some Greek villas next, when talking about white and blue interior design/white and blue rooms.

The bellow villa is situated in Eastern Crete, Elounda. and from their site villasoncrete.com you can contact them, if  you want more information or look
at more beautiful villas.


White and Blue Bedroom, Greek Style

White Living Room in Greek Style

I just have to show these breathtaking pictures from the terrace, even if it´s not in line with the white and blue interior theme.
Anyway Blue and white is playing a big part also here outside by the sea.

Stunning View from this beautiful terrace in Crete. Greece

Pool view from this fantastic terrace by the sea in Crete. Greece

Above pictures from villasoncrete.com

I did also found some beautiful villas in Crete, Greece which you can rent from here.
Here are a taste of what you can find, enjoy.


Luxury Living and Dining Room by The Sea in Crete, Greece

Did find some more white and blue Greek interiors.

This is from indoor-lighting.net


greek style home

Greek style white and blue bedroom

coastal-decor-style.blogspot.com White with blue.. so lovely!

What a Fresh Feeling

From Coastal Decor Style

I think that´s  it for today 🙂

You may also like to visit my Crete/Greece Interior Inspiration post where you can find more


White and Blue Rooms part 2

…..and here are he second part of white and blue rooms for you to enjoy and get inspiration from to your own interiors.

Blue and white kitchen

Crisp,clean and modern kitchen design.


40 Friendly and Fresh Blue Interior Design Ideas

Blue kitchen with white ceiling and light colored floor.

These photos are borrowed from fancycribs.com

Greek Villa Bedroom in White and Blue

Greek Villa Bedroom in White and Blue

These photos from mom´s turf

Picture from leecarolineart



White and Blue Rooms

Let’s continue with white rooms, but adding blue.


Blue is a favorite color of many people. Some say it´s the most popular color in the world. It’s nature’s color for water and sky.
Blue stands for peace, stability, calmness, confidence, sincerity and integrity to name o few.

Different colors mean different feeling in your home, so what color you choose has more meaning than you first would think.
What is your favorite color? Personally for me, it changes, from year to year and sometimes from day to day 🙂 depending on my mood.

Here are some handpicked rooms to enjoy and get inspired by.

Above pictures are all from Houzz.com

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