Interior Inspiration Summer 2013

Interior Inspiration For Summer 2013

It´s been a while since I posted here, things happen in life, but now I want to update my blog with fresh summery interior pictures.

I was going to say, that if you are so lucky you have a cottage/summerhouse, that you can decorate
to your own taste and so on….
But then I remembered, that hey, not everyone want a cottage/summerhouse, there are people that want a balcony (small or large), a terrace, a porch, a small yard, a small garden…….
There are so many ways to enjoy our beautiful green, lush and bright time of the year, and of course everyone should do what and be where they enjoy the most.
That´s the most important thing.

So here is a interior summer collection, of this and that, something for everyone.
Pick ideas and inspiration that is to your taste, or just enjoy beautiful pictures.

If you are into white.

Picture from Viderlöf on Hemnet


Terrace with view. Yes, half the interior, or at least half of it,  is about the view, or what do you think?

Photo: Jesper Ray
It don´t need  to be big 🙂
Foto: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

Taras, którego ozdobą są błękitne okiennice.
Photo from weranda

I can almost feel the atmosphere,  wouldn’t mind sitting here 🙂

Photo from wallpapersus

Next two patio spaces to relax on:


pictures from designeliteinteriors


Photo from bysand/sköna hem

I think it´s enough pictures for one post 🙂 Enjoy!

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