Eco-Friendly Interior Design

What is eco-friendly Interior Design or Green Interior Design, which one you prefer to use.

It focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment.

Here are a few tips:

  • 1. Use plants

    2. Let the sunlight in

  • 3. Use organic and natural materials

  • 4. Use energy-efficient lightning

  • 5. Have furniture from natural woods

    5 more tips and more info from the source: homedesignlover

  • Use energy-efficient lighting for eco friendly interiors
  • Photo: Kramis02


  1. Use energy efficient windows for eco friendly interiors
  2. Photo: ralph_soriano


The source to to following pictures are thisoldhouse
Here has eco-friendly interior building materials been used.
Go to their site for 12 more photos and more information about the materials.


  1. green/eco friendly interior building materials
  2. Photos (clockwise, top left): Courtesy Expanko, Benjamin Moore, Kirei, Ecoverings


bronze tiles made by Saint-Gaudens used in a backsplash with fruit in the foreground eco friendly

Bronze Art Tiles Photo: Courtesy of Saint-Gaudens

Eco Friendly Tuscan Estate

Eco-Friendly Tuscan Estate
Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation 
 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation
Eco-Friendly Holiday Home

Eco Friendly Holiday Home

From 8 sources to buy eco friendly wallpaper.


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