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Coastal Style Dining Rooms/Spaces


Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: Heather Chadduck

Photo: Jean-Philippe Piter; Stylist: Pernille Vest

Source: Coastal Living, where you can find 9 more coastal/island style dining rooms/spaces.

Coastal Living Cottage Dining Room

Beach Front Property
Beach Cottage

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Dining in A Christmas home in Denmark

Christmas cosiness.
The beautiful folding table comes from a French antiques market and the chairs were found  in a cafe in Belgium.
Pine boughs and candles in a basket is beautiful – but put the candles in glass vases.
Sometimes less is more, even on Christmas, but of course it´s up to everyone’s taste.
Perhaps one year in one way and  the other in a different.
The main thing is that you enjoy your home, just the way you like it.


Source: tidningenlantliv.se
Photographer: Frederikke Heiberg for tidningenlantliv
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