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Small apartments can be tricky to style, but these spaces are done with a creative eye and visualization.








By HD Staff

Just because your space isn’t big, doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with style. But having an eye for design and organization is a tricky skill to master. It’s a balance between both space and storage, and color and design. And what may be right for one space, isn’t necessarily the solution for another.So, take a look at the designs of these architects and designers who have come up with insanely creative and beautiful solutions for small living. Whether you’re in a small city apartment, a dorm room, or a new flat, you’ll be sure to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home.
Visualizer: Anton Zaytsev

Looking at this apartment from this angle, it’s hard to believe it’s only 30 meters. The sleek lines and glass walls make this space feel much larger than it actually is.

This space triples as an office, living room, and bedroom. But the large windows and glass wall into the kitchen help this otherwise tiny space feel spacious.

White is the main color in this space, it helps the apartment feel bigger and it looks beautiful with the airy architecture.
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Source:: 3 Small Spaces Packed With Big Style (Includes Floor Plans)

I have some amazing  “outside the box” interior designs on my Pinterest Board, go and check them out.

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